Thursday, February 28, 2008

Saint John Show March 1

This will be a great weekend with the Saint John model train show at St. Malachy's High School on Saturday. It also looks like a crew from Nova Scotia will be arriving in my basement to bring the railway to life on Saturday evening.

With the hope of being minimally ready for the show, and with help from Lou McIntyre, I have been constructing four modules that will serve as the Carleton Railway's Monticello yard and interchange with the BAR. Construction of the wooden frames is complete but installation of the trackwork and scenery have not yet begun. Although I won't be ready to include them with the club's modules at this year's show, with a full year to work at the modules I should have a very complete scene for the show next year.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Inter-provincial Operations

On Saturday, February 23, a group of six crew members from Prince Edward Island took control of the railway for an entire operating session (with a little help from Bob Kane and the railway president). The visiting crew did a great job! The entire schedule of 12 trains across the Avondale Subdivision was run (8 freight and 4 passenger). This was a repeat visit for some from PEI. Of course, after one visit to the Carleton Railway you are considered an expert! Thanks Scott, Tom, Derwin, Mark, Brian, and Greg! Mark is the crew for today's "Carleton-York Peddler" as he prepares to switch the Nortondale industries.

Scott serves as Avondale Hostler and Assistant Yardmaster as he works with Derwin (the yardmaster) to organize the very busy yard.

Brian is today's South Newbridge Yardmaster. The midpoint yard is a very busy spot and he managed the traffic very well.

Greg serves as engineer of the Newbridge Turn as he switches the Buckingham Quality Meats plant in Waterville.