Thursday, August 28, 2008

Pembroke Reconstruction

Public access to Pembroke restored!
As the "Fiddlehead" local passenger train (RDC) stops at Pembroke, residents are pleased that they will once again have highway acccess to the community. The Carleton Railway has been the lifeline to the small community ever since road access was removed because of construction of the new branchline to Northampton. The photo below shows the new road that has been built (sloping down in the foreground) to provide highway access to Pembroke. An overpass will carry traffic across the Northampton branchline
Progress continues slowly as I work on the new branchline to Northampton. Construction of the branchline necessitated major changes in Pembroke--especially the removal of about half of the real estate in the small rural community. In the photos, you can see that the station has been moved to the east (left), the freight station has been removed, and one of the sidings is gone. Pembroke residents and businesses will still have highway access to the outside world via the crossing by the station and the road that goes down the hill to an overpass across the branchline (not quite completed yet). It has been a very busy (stressful, hectic) summer, so I am pleased to have made some progress on the layout!