Sunday, October 4, 2020

NMRA Achievement Award

 I recently completed five years as President of NMRA Canada.  It has been a wonderful opportunity to work with volunteers from across Canada as we seek to promote the hobby and serve the NMRA members who live in Canada.  I now have my Association Official Award to place beside my Scenery Award.

More Waterville Progress

The past couple of months has seen slow but steady progress, especially in the Waterville section of the layout.  The following photos show areas to the east of the previously posted photos.

The community church and parsonage dominate the residential neighbourhood on the west side of town.

This view from beside the station shows the Waterville Enterprises property, including the Esso bulk plant, a large potato storage warehouse, the building supply complex, and the cattle pens.  All are served by rail.  

Here is another view of the same area:

To the east of town, these houses are next to the industrial area that is dominated by the large BQM Meat Packing Plant. 

Sunday, March 29, 2020

Waterville Neighourhood

These photos of the rural neighbourhood on the eastern side of Waterville, Carleton County show the considerable effect of the Carleton Railway's mainline re-alignment on the residents there.  By digging through the rock to make room for the mainline, the neighbourhood was cut in half by the railway.  However, a small wooden bridge serves to connect the homes on the two sides of the track.   The photos below give some sense of the area.  Even though these folks are farmers, they also tend good-sized vegetable gardens near their homes (just as most folks did in the real Waterville, NB when I lived there in the 1980s). 

I still have lots of details to add before the scene is complete, but all of this time in the house is providing some extra time to work on the layout.  

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Waterville scene work

With my travel plans for this month cancelled, I am working from home and spending some time working on the layout.  Here is my latest project:  a roadside vegetable stand in Waterville (a JL Innovative Design kit). 

Friday, January 3, 2020

2020 is here

In the photo below, the work day is just about to begin at the tiny Clark Lumber Mill as #22 (the Fast Freight East) heads toward Millville on the main line and then on to Fredericton via the CPR Gibson subdivision.   

Although it perpetually remains 1965 on the Carleton Railway, a new year in the real world means setting new goals and priorities for the layout.  Since the open house and first operating session om the expanded layout in October, I have been concentrating on maintenance (track cleaning, locomotive wheel cleaning, soldering and filing, coupler spring replacement, etc.).  With a larger layout, there is more maintenance to do.  My goal is to be ready for regular, scheduled operating sessions in 2020, which means completing some projects first (staging tracks at the east end, some wiring updates, and possibly even a dispatcher position).