Friday, January 3, 2020

2020 is here

In the photo below, the work day is just about to begin at the tiny Clark Lumber Mill as #22 (the Fast Freight East) heads toward Millville on the main line and then on to Fredericton via the CPR Gibson subdivision.   

Although it perpetually remains 1965 on the Carleton Railway, a new year in the real world means setting new goals and priorities for the layout.  Since the open house and first operating session om the expanded layout in October, I have been concentrating on maintenance (track cleaning, locomotive wheel cleaning, soldering and filing, coupler spring replacement, etc.).  With a larger layout, there is more maintenance to do.  My goal is to be ready for regular, scheduled operating sessions in 2020, which means completing some projects first (staging tracks at the east end, some wiring updates, and possibly even a dispatcher position).    

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Wayne Woodland said...

Thanks for the update. Happy New Year.