Monday, April 22, 2013

Keeping Busy

I have not accomplished a lot in the basement since the last operating session, but the photos show that I have still been active.  The photo below shows the six "Monticello, Maine" modules being prepared for the next MFMR convention.  Some wiring problems which have lingered since the DC to DCC conversion have now been solved thanks to help from Bob K. and from Lou.  New details are being added along with more signs to identify the buildings.  Thanks to the SJSMR club, it is great to have a place where we can work on the modules.   

Last weekend was a very enjoyable trip to Summerside, PEI to operate on two great model railroads, thanks to our hosts Derwin and Scott.  Our SJ crew enjoyed a full day of op sessions and lots of good PEI hospitality.

I love the nicely weathered locos and the variety of cabooses and snow plows on Derwin's layout.

Scott has some very interesting structures and scenes that make operations a lot of fun.

The Carleton Railway's next operating session is scheduled for Friday evening, May 17.