Sunday, December 30, 2018

Carleton Railway Progress

The Carleton Railway continues to make progress toward a grand opening of the expanded layout.  The new farming community of Rosedale is nearly complete--the main lines still need to be ballasted and lots of details need to be added, but the structures (mostly scratch-built potato warehouses) and much of the scenery are mostly complete.  In the photo below, the Carleton York Peddler takes the siding as it passes The Mail Express at the new Rosedale passenger station (double-click photos to enlarge them).  

In the rural area between Rosedale and Silverdale, Carleton County, the Peddler approaches a private crossing that leads to a farm.  The potato warehouse on the same farm still needs a roof!  Those brown fields look bare right now but rows of potatoes will be planted in the spring.

The biggest project ahead is the wiring of the new addition.  With help from members of the local club (SJSMR) that should be completed in early January.

The photos below provide some larger views of the new space.