Thursday, January 20, 2011

Ready for snow!

With the big snowstorm forecast for tomorrow, railway management has ordered the plows out on the line to be ready for the first flakes. Even old #10 has been pressed into service, much to the surprise of the seasoned workers at the Avondale shops. A pair of vintage RS3s pull the old plow out onto the main to be ready to keep the line clear between Avondale and Monticello. Over in South Newbridge, the yard switcher spots spreader #14 on the lead, ready to keep the yard clear of snow so freight switching and passenger train movements can continue during the impending storm. As the junction with the Northampton and Newbridge subdivisions, efficient operations at South Newbridge are key to keeping the whole railway on time:
A couple of big Alcos provide lots of power for #16, the wing plow on which the railway depends to keep the main line clear:
(As always, click on the photos to enlarge them).

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Rumours in Wakefield

Daily Passenger Service Returning to Wakefield?
Residents of the rural community of Wakefield, famous for its Drive-In Theatre and its church suppers, are accustomed to watching high-speed passenger trains run through the community without stopping. Ever since Carleton Railway management decided to make Rosedale the passenger hub for central Carleton County, the little station in Wakefield has been idle.
However, residents have noticed carpenters working at the old station and it appears that they are refurbishing the passenger end of the station. Management has been tight-lipped about plans, but rumours abound that in light of the tremendous success of its passenger operations the railway is planning to add a daily high-speed commuter service to and from Fredericton. In fact, several new pieces of passenger equipment have recently been painted and lettered in the Nortondale shops but the stainless steel cars are currently sitting idle in the South Newbridge yard.
The community is abuzz with speculation about the rumoured new passsenger service, but for now the Carleton Railway's two daily passenger trains continue to speed through the communtiy without stopping.