Saturday, May 16, 2009

New Rosedale-Wakefield Community Centre
A crew from Myshrall Bros. is busy grading the property after a Quonset hut was moved into position on the old foundation of the Rosedale train station, which was recently moved a few hundred feet farther down the line. The building will soon be a new community centre for the rural communities of Rosedale and Wakefield.
The used Quonset hut structure fits almost perfectly on the former site of the train station in Rosedale. The structure used to serve as a car wash in downtown Woodstock, and was recently moved to Rosedale to be used by the community. Beloved local politican Hyram Myshrall is being credited with bringing negotiations with the railway to a successful conclusion.
It has been a long time since my last post--life has been exceedingly busy. Hopefully I will be able to provide more frequent updates in the months ahead. I recently returned from a shopping trip in the U.S., so some changes are ahead as new buildings and other details are added to the layout. I also purchased a fifth H24-66 Trainmaster locomotive with sound. Of course, the Carleton Railway's Monticello yard will be travelling to Summerside next week to be part of the SJSMR's modular setup at the Maritime Convention. I look forward to seeing fellow modellers there, and I will be leading a clinic about operations.