Wednesday, September 28, 2011

San Luis Central

A leased San Luis Central reefer loaded with freshly harvested potatoes is shown in a way freight (the Carleton-York Peddler) leaving Avondale, Carleton County en route to the port of Saint John via interchange with the CPR. Throughout the fall season, the scheduled train more than doubles in length as leased reefers make their way from Carleton County to market.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Grafton Track Work Nears Completion

The track gang is busy getting the new Grafton spur ready for the inauguration of rail service to the community just across the St. John River from Woodstock. Several major new industries in the community will keep the crew of the nightly "Grafton Local" busy. In the photo below, railway employees are hard at work while some locals watch the action from the Hyram T. Myshrall overpass. The photo is framed by Karnes Bakery's modern building on the left, and the Mason and Risch piano factory on the right. That is the nearby community of Pembroke at the top of the grade in the distance (click on the photo to enlarge).

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Changing Times

In its efforts to provide increased efficiency and convenience for its customers, the Carleton Railway continues to upgrade its facilities. The soon-to-be-opened "Mulheron Street" flagstop station will provide convenient passenger access to the commercial centre of South Newbridge, allowing shoppers and retail employees a much shorter commute to the fashionable stores and offices of the bustling downtown area. The photo also shows some additional changes that may be less obvious to those outside of the railway industry. The newly installed concrete telephone booth at Mulheron Street will enable eastbound crews on the Northampton Sub. to call the yardmaster in South Newbridge before entering the yard limits, and the new maintenance shed next to the station will provide equipment storage for the section gang on the branch. But the biggest changes of all--shown in the foreground--are the CTC signals that have recently been installed. In addition to the signals on the Northampton branchline, CTC signals have been installed between Hawkins Corner and Rosedale on the Avondale Subdivision. These really are changing times for the Carleton Railway.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

More Horsepower for The Carleton Railway

Exclusive to the South Newbridge News-Advertiser, August 1965

Monticello, ME: While vacationing this week in Monticello, Maine, the News-Advertiser’s ace reporter Freda Mulheron had just stepped out of the West End Diner when she spotted a gigantic new locomotive being pulled through the Main Street crossing on its way from Montreal to Carleton County. After capturing a few quick shots of the action with her new Instamatic camera, she hurriedly drove back across the Bloomfield, NB border crossing and then to Avondale to interview railway management about this obviously important development for the railway and for the local economy.

Management confirmed that the Carleton Railway has purchased a new Alco C-630 locomotive, indicating that two important factors led to the decision to add a 3000-hp loco to the railway’s fine fleet of powered units. First, the anticipated growth of the railway, the robust Carleton County economy, and the railway’s perennial goal to offer exceptional service to its customers led management to consider how best to improve freight service. Second, when MLW heard that the Carleton Railway was talking to GE about the possible purchase of some “U-Boat” locomotives, they contacted management with an attractive offer. It seems that MLW is very concerned that no Canadian railways purchased the earlier C-628 model, and they are determined to make sure that the same does not happen with the C-630. MLW expressed confidence that once other Canadian railways see the new 3000-hp loco in service on the Carleton Railway, they too will place orders. In fact, management has heard rumours that in light of the Carleton Railway’s recent purchase, CNR, CPR and PGE are all talking with MLW about adding C630s to their rosters (click on photos below to enlarge).

A Carleton Railway C-424 pulls the new locomotive into the yard at Monticello, Maine. The new locomotive is equipped with Sountraxx Tsunami technology--a first for the railway.
Freda had just exited the West End Diner in time to witness the arrival of the new high-hp loco.

This bird`s eye view of downtown Monticello shows how much larger the new locomotive is compared to the C-424, which is currently the most common locomotive on the Carleton Railway.