Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Preparing for a New Year

This photo in front of the Avondale Locomotive Terminal demonstrates the prominence of Alco units in the Carleton Railway's freight locomotive roster.  With the exception of five Fairbanks-Morse units (four H24-66s, and one H16-44), a single GE 44-tonner, and five passenger F-units, all Carleton Railway locos are Alcos.  Seen below from right to left are C420 #2010, RSD-15 #2416, C424 #2404, and C628 #2802 (click on photos to enlarge):  

The Baird Company is now ready to begin receiving shipments of wholesale merchandise and raw vanilla at its Grafton warehouse and processing facility.

The yard sale in Wakefield keeps expanding:

Business is booming in downtown South Newbridge.  The tiny Mulheron Street station (top right) has proven convenient for railway passengers who wish to spend a few hours shopping.  

The McCain distribution warehouse in Avondale is a regular rail customer.  Mechanical reefers are loaded at the modern faculty at every operating session.
The next operating session is scheduled for Friday evening, January 11.