Saturday, March 5, 2016

A great day with a PEI crew!

After being idle for far too long, the Carleton Railway came back to life today with a great crew of six people from Prince Edward Island (and a couple of locals who showed up as well!).  Everything worked surprisingly well, and lots of freight and passengers were delivered efficiently.  The newest sections of the layout (Lane's Creek, Lakeville, and Maplewood) were on display for the first time (click on the photos below to enlarge them):

Below, Taylor switches the potato house siding in Rosedale as he adds two loaded potato reefers to the Fast Freight West.  There aren't many potatoes left at this time of year.  

Derwin enjoys a relaxed moment as his train waits to enter the South Newbridge yard.

Scott worked the Avondale yard and kept traffic moving.  Efficient operation of the Avondale yard affects operations across the whole Avondale subdivision. 

Barry did a great job as South Newbridge yardmaster, while Ray switches the big BQM packing plant in Waterville and Steve arrives in Waterville with the Valley Local. 
Thanks guys!  It was a great day for the Carleton Railway.