Monday, July 2, 2018

Dreaming of Possibilities

The new basement room (16' x 22') is now ready for the major expansion of the Carleton Railway.  My goal is to have trains running on bare benchwork from Hawkins Corner to Avondale by Thanksgiving 2018 (a mainline run of 420' -- about 7 scale miles).  On the upper level, an entirely new "Rosedale" (on the wall to the left) will include not only a string of potato warehouses and more potato fields but also a long passing siding.  The BQM meat packing plant in Waterville will be relocated to a new spot on the near wall to the immediate right of this photo.  Below the Rosedale/Waterville level, between Nortondale and South Newbridge, a narrow shelf will allow trains to travel through a heavily wooded area.  The small community of Clarkville (on the far wall) will feature another long passing siding.  Once those two levels are complete the mainline will be operational from Millville (staging) to staging west of Avondale.  At a later date (next year?) I plan to add a lower level--a large yard at Millville marking the eastern terminus of the Carleton Railway and the junction with the CPR Gibson subdivision.

That will still leave a good-sized area in the middle of the room for a crew lounge and work area.


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