Friday, July 13, 2018

New Potato Warehouse!

Scratch-Built Potato Storage Warehouse for Rosedale

I have finally completed a new potato house for Rosedale Potato Shippers.  This is the largest potato warehouse I have built; previously ones have been "selectively compressed" but this one is a more typical size for a prototype Carleton County potato house.  The doors allow three reefers to be loaded at once.
The building is entirely scratch built, using Evergreen styrene sheets, basswood strips, and Campbell profile shingles.  The light over the door is from Woodland Scenics, the roof vents are from Alpine Division Scale Models, and the chimney is from Tichy.  I still need to weather the shingles.

This building will be located in the new addition in the basement.


Unknown said...

Im excited.. it looks awesome !!

Greg B Williams said...

Nice potato house, I've seen a couple or three around here. lol. Looking forward to seeing the new expansion come together.