Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Excitement in Clarkville!

The recent completion of Clarkville's own passenger station has led to lots of excitement in the tiny rural community.  Although Clarkville has been located along the mainline for many years, never has a train stopped there and most crews probably were not even aware of the community's existence.  Once the new timetable takes effect this fall, the community will be served daily by the Capital City Commuter train as it travels to and from Fredericton.  Although the Carleton Railway's two daily limited trains (the Nor'Easter from Boston and the Mail Express from Montreal) will continue to run through the community without even slowing down, residents seem very satisfied that a daily connection to the outside world will make life better.  Although the community is small, the fact that the longest passing siding on the railway is now located here should make it a great train-watching spot. 

Meanwhile, far to the west in Rosedale, local folks seem to be taking their new passenger station in stride.  The new and long passing siding here will make life much easier for both passenger and freight train crews.

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